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Savage Gear Stand Up Crab Jig Head

Tackle Weight

2/3 oz, 1/7 oz

Hook Size

1, 1/0


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From $6.99


Another one fo a kind savage Gear product designed to immiatet a crab in defensive position to give it the most lifelike look when encounter a predator.


  • Designed to be fished with the Savage Gear PVC Crab
  • two sizes
  • Stand up construction for perfect crab presentation

Compare Savage Gear Stand Up Crab Jig Head models

Model Number Color Tackle Weight Hook Size Tackle Size Package Count Water Type Sku
CJH-2/0 Unpainted 2/3 oz 1/0 2/3 oz 2 Saltwater 1586873
CJH-8 Unpainted 1/7 oz 1 1/7 oz 3 Saltwater 1586874
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