About Savage Gear

Welcome to Savage Gear.

Big Adventure. Big Fish. Nothing else counts.

We’re the brand for anglers that live a Savage Lifestyle. Relentlessly pursuing the challenging bite and going where others won’t. Wading, kayaking and sawing their way into waters where the biggest and toughest fish hide. This is the heart of Savage Gear. 

The first lure  (early 2000’s)

Big Dreams a small country 

Literally a life and soul in sportfishing is an appropriate way to  . Spending money was tight as a young boy, but it was always spent on fishing lures. When given the opportunity in a late 80’s high school exchange program, Mads came to America and met the largemouth bass. The fish wasn’t the only thing hooked.

Fast forward a few years; baits became a way of living for Mads and by 2004 the range of carp and hard lures were extended with the first Savage Gear soft lures. Danish and Swedish anglers turned a lot of heads and cameras to their attention in those days. 

The Cannibal Shad (2005)

It's a Savage World

One of the most significant lures from the young brand would be the Cannibal Shad. A deadly swimbait – still in production – was brought to market and with a little version of itself inside its belly, the Cannibal Shad truly lived up to its lethal name. Pretty savage. And this lure kicked off something big.  

At the time, the predator fishing community was still relatively small. Conventional methods like live bait were still predominant. Social Media was still considered a rogue marketing tactic. Savage Gear set out to change that forever. Pioneering by engaging with pro anglers on these platforms and several anglers were educated into new techniques and modern lure fishing. 

Coming To America (2007)

Coming to America

The product portfolio grew. Hard lures, soft lures, BIG lures and saltwater lures were added to the range and so was a new important market. Savage Gear setup an American subsidiary in the capital of sport fishing- Florida. The Real Trout and the Shine Glide quickly became stable lures with many American anglers. 


3D Scan – A Game changer (2011)

3D Technology - An industry first 

Savage Gear went international in the 2000’s and on flight home from the Far East Grosell read an article about 3D scanning. An endorser of the technology claimed that a perfect scan of something as small as a fly was no problem. “A fly?” So why not a fish? A baitfish”. A revolution was on. Innovation and lots of hours went into fine-tuning the perfect way to 3D scans of fish, crayfish, snakes and even bats!  

Savage Gear started developing a range of lures based on 3D scanned food items for predatorial fish. Not only were the baits the most realistic lures ever on the market, they also came in sizes never seen before. The category of Big Bait fishing was born and is today fundamental for predator sportfishing. A lure like The Real Trout or The LT Mullet are a direct extension of what made the Savage Gear lures so realistic and so effective. Get both of them on this website.  

iCast and Efttex Awards

A fish, a rat, a snake, a bat...and a duckling in big trouble 

The range of lures based on precision 3D scans exploded and the concept gave birth to both soft – and hard lures - such as the Suicide Duck, the Wake Snake and the 3D Bat – pretty savage stuff.  

Along with the 3D lures the genius Line Thru system was born and perfected. Instead of solid hook mounts, a wire track keeping the hooks in place on the lure is released a soon as the fish bites and the hookup rate is unparalleled. Till this day the Line Thru system has been refined and become a Savage Gear specialty that will be found on a large array of products.

With beautiful finish, ultra-realistic details and unparalleled catch capabilities the Savage Gear lures swept many trophy tables clean at industry shows like ICAST and EFTTEX over the last decade.  

A PF Family member (2022)

Into the Pure Fishing Family 

Savage Gear was built on the relentless search for spectacular fishing adventures. It’s we create lures in crazy shapes and gigantic sizes. Savage Gear anglers simply dare to catch bigger fish. Come on, join the ride – the biggest name in the industry did! 

The present/Future

Join the adventure, but only if you dare to catch bigger fish. 

Becoming a part of the Pure Fishing family is taking the Savage Gear values and attention to detail to a new level.  

Our “savageness” remains, only with slightly more access to cutting edge technologies, state-of-the-art testing facilities, as well as a global organization of highly skilled anglers and engineers. The savage angler is already a step ahead in the quest for the next big adventure and the next big fish. 

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