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Savage Gear NED Jig Head


Tackle Weight

1/6 oz, 1/8 oz, 3/16 oz


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We know NED rig fishing is all about finesse. This is why we have equipped our NED hooks with a light carbon steel wire to maximize hook penetration with light line but made it strong enough that when you hook a monster, she stays pegged and the hook does not rip out of her mouth. Our teardrop design and 60 degree eye allows for more gliding action on the fall with light tension. Our hook point wire is offset up from the centerline to increase the exposed hook gap and maximize the hook-up ratio. Our hook keeper is not welded to the hook to eliminate any potential weak points. Powder-coated for extreme durability, these NED heads are dialed-in to meet the demands of seasoned tournament pros.


  • Built with super sharp hooks
  • 60 degree eye for both certical and retrive fishing
  • Powder coated

Compare Savage Gear NED Jig Head models

Model Number Color Tackle Weight Hook Size Tackle Size Package Count Water Type Sku
3485 Green Pumpkin 1/6 oz 1/0 3 Freshwater 1586106
3486 Black 1/6 oz 1/0 1/16 oz | 1.8 g 3 Freshwater 1586107
3487 Green Pumpkin 1/8 oz 1/0 3 Freshwater 1586108
3488 Black 1/8 oz 1/0 3 Freshwater 1586109
3489 Green Pumpkin 3/16 oz 1/0 3 Freshwater 1586110
3490 Black 3/16 oz 1/0 3 Freshwater 1586111
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