Savage Gear Sandeel Jig Head


The superior quality of our “ready to fish “ sand eel lure bodies have made a big demand for our sand eel jig heads. With their high-quality finish and ultra sharp Japanese forged round bend hooks you can use just about any soft plastic body with these heads.

Tackle Weight

Hook Size




  • The orginal Savage Gear sandeel jig head
  • heavy duty hook
  • unpainted
  • 2-pcs packs

Average Customer Ratings

Compare Savage Gear Sandeel Jig Head models

Model Number Color Tackle Weight Hook Size Package Count Water Type Sku
SEJ-1/0-14 Unpainted 1/2 oz 1/0 2 Saltwater 1587014
SEJ-4/0-28 Unpainted 1 oz 4/0 2 Saltwater 1587067
SEJ-6/0-42 Unpainted 1 1/2 oz 6/0 2 Saltwater 1587068
SEJ-7/0-65 Unpainted 2 1/4 oz 7/0 2 Saltwater 1587069
SEJ-8/0-104 Unpainted 3 3/4 oz 8/0 2 Saltwater 1587070
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