Savage Gear Savage Grip Swimbait Hooks


Uniqely designed to fit the 4" Pulse tail Loose body Bluegill with a custome weight for perfect balance and double grinded hook point for perfect hook up ratio.

Hook Size



  • Heavy duty swimbait hooke made for Pulse tail products
  • Custom weighted
  • Amazing hook up ratio

Average Customer Ratings

Compare Savage Gear Savage Grip Swimbait Hooks models

Model Number Hook Size Package Count Tackle Weight Water Type Sku
2792 4/0 3 1/4 oz Saltwater 1585747
2793 6/0 3 1/4 oz Saltwater 1585748
2794 7/0 3 3/8 oz Saltwater 1585749
2795 8/0 3 3/8 oz Saltwater 1585750
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