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We are on the relentless pursuit of spectacular fishing adventures.
Here’s some of the footage:


Savage Gear Manic Shrimp

Not just another Manic Monday, or Shrimp. Watch the 3D Manic Shrimp in action.

Pulse Tail Mullet Line Thru

Get ready for the mullet run. The hyper-realistic hand-painted Pulse Tail mullet has a slow pulsing tail just like our pulse tail trout.

Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake

Ever wonder why you don't see many baby snakes swimming around? Well, bass love baby snakes. Hold on to your rod, the strike will be a quite violent one. We'll show you.

FISHING in Cabo with Wesley Brough

Local CAbo Surf Fishing Guide Wesley Brough, aka CaboSurfCaster, uses the 3D Mackstick in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Musky Fishing in Andy Myers, Canada

Savage Gear travels to Canada to visit the Andy Meyer Lodge

Mackstick on Rooster Fish IN MEXICO

Prop Walker Hybrid Topwater

The Savage Gear Prop Walker can literally become two different baits. Need noisy, obnoxious sputtering to search broad areas and find active fish? Check. How 'bout a smooth walking topwater that'll coax those hungry fish? Check.

Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegill 

This innovative swimbait looks and swims like the real thing which makes it an excellent tool for anglers hunting big fish in pressured waters. Its heavy duty custom hook makes it exceptional in situations where weedless presentations are required.

Offshore Fishing in Costa Rica

South Padre, TX with CPT. Salinas

Captain Allen Salinas has been fishing the waters off South Padre Island for decades. Savage Gear paid him a visit that didn't disappoint.

Small mouth bass with Danny Herbeck

get it done and look great doing it.

Our lures are made for top freshwater predator fishing. So we went musky hunting from Canada to Mille Lacs Lake Minnesota.

Savage Gear: It's a Savage World.
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